quarta-feira, 21 de outubro de 2015

Comadre - Songs About The Man (2005)

01. Burn the Scene!
02. Fill the Void!
03. Who's got the Golden Ticket Now!
04. The Hole in the Ship, S.O.S.!
05. Pause (Kid Dynamite cover)
06. Sweet Thing (Van Morrison cover)
07. The Trials! (live on KZSU)
08. There is no Title, Only Zuul! (Lev Perry remix)
09. Mess with the Best, Undress like the Rest! (demo version)
10. Instrumental! (demo version)
11. Are you Guys Telling Jokes? I like Jokes! (demo version)
12. Welcome to Bloodtown, Population Buried! (demo version)

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